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Military Woman of the 3rd Texas Cavalry

Our Chief of Operations for this branch, Mrs. Delia McAlexander, recently said, A The time and work required to research a historically correct woman's role in the Civil War is extensive. The reason is that women who took the field were not spoken of in polite society, nevertheless, many women served in many different capacities. I encourage you to be diligent in your research of the character you want to portray and then to portray it the most accurately way possible. We as women have a double burden and to be quite frank are given very difficult times by a few of our brother re-enactors who think we should not be part of this hobby at all. Therefore we must be especial careful to be accurate so as not to cast a bad light on women reenactors as a whole. I will help you in anyway possible, I encourage you to seek help from many different people before purchasing your outfit or having it made so you are not to go through the expense of constructing an incorrect uniform.

Mrs.Leslie Hair is dressed to play
part of a civilian nurse

"I am looking forward to the ranks of our women filling up there fore increasing the size of our unit. The 3rd Texas Cavalry's "Family and Friends" attitude makes this a wonderful hobby to become involved with as a family, and we encourage it."

Before any conclusions are brought forth by any misunderstanding, the goals and purposes of our women's military branch is to allow the ladies to portray the roles that their historical counterparts did during the Civil War. We do not limit their roll, we support an accurate portrayal of it as it was done from 1861-1865. That includes everything from Vivandieres, Cantiniers, US Sanitary workers, Nurses, Newspaper Corespondents, Civilians, Camp followers, Cooks, Seamstress and a host of other roles.

A Small Gallery

Cris Storms in evening dress
preparing to attend a dance
Gayle Gordon as she prepares to attend a dance. This image was taken at Bellmead, Texas in 1997

Mrs. Becky-Noone tells Sgt. Bob Collins that she will only have a wee bit for medical purposes only. Mrs. Noone has put on several Gala Balls and is considered an expert in Gala events of the period.


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