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Introduction to the
3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment

If your not familiar with us, or you are new to reenacting then read on. We are Civil War Living Historians (Reenactors) who portray cavalrymen and the camp life associated with the hobby. We include our Ladies and young folks. As such, we try to keep the history alive. You maybe asking yourself if you will fit in or concerned that you may not have the necessary skills. Sometimes we are afraid to try something new. This fears sometimes takes many forms. Sometimes we are not sure of our riding abilities. At other times, we are afraid to ask more because we are un-familiar with the impression or gear. Some of us are just plain shy. "Do not take council of your fears!" We are family and friends and invite you to learn more about us. We make friends fast and if you wish, we would love to include you as part of our growing living historians and help you become part of the 3rd Texas Cavalry. Now before you read any further, we galvanize. When we re-enact, we not only portray the 3rd Texas Cavalry but the 6th US Cavalry. We honor both sides for their bravery and are happy to portray such bravery and sacrifice of these two fighting units. We have fun and enjoy the hobby regardless of the side we are on during a particular re-enactment battle or event.

The Mounted Branch...

Before you read any further let me put your fears at rest. We know that all of you are not accomplished horseman. We are also aware that many who want to join are new to re-enacting and know little about the cavalry. We all started out with few cavalry skills and it took time for all of us to learn how to become cavalrymen. You are welcome just as you are. You will be allowed to progress at your own pace. We believe that safety is foremost and our horses come first. Once you and your horse are comfortable then the learning process takes place. You will be assigned to an experienced trooper who will work with you and see to your questions and needs. It is perfectly all right to say you don't understand or feel you want to be taken at a slow pace. We all started that way. We believe in old fashion principals like honesty, friendship and courtesy. If we wish to be treated well then we believe we must treat others the same way. This applies to our horses as well. If we ask our horse to work and learn then we must treat him with respect and kindness. To do otherwise would court disaster and injury. We primarily re-enact during the Civil War period but have participated in cavalry events from early Texas Independence forward to the finally days of the mounted cavalry in 1943. As a new recruit you should only concern yourself with the Civil War period at first. The rest is purely optional and yours to participate in only if you wish to.

We are cavalry first. By that, we mean that it matters little as to what side of the conflict that we fight on. We are just as happy as Union Cavalry as we are as Confederate Cavalry. We chose the name of the 3rd Texas Cavalry to represent "Texas" and from that prospective we could be called on to portray just about any cavalry unit. We want the event sponsors to know we are from Texas, the rest matters little. We are not concerned with the political causes or results that came from the conflict, now called the Civil War

Uniforms, Gear and Tack

You will see that there is a lengthy list and almost looks overwhelming at first glance. Don't let that bother you. Its not as bad as it appears and most of it has been separated by function even though it is acquired as one piece. We buy the complete Union gear and then add the Confederate hat and coat. The Confederate cavalry, by 1864, had captured the same and simply added their own coat and hat. This allows you to save money and participate in three different periods. The US Cavalry still had in use Civil War period tack and gear late into the 1870's. If you know that then you are set to do any cavalry impression from 1861 through about 1878 without having to buy anything else. Within the re-enacting community, this time span covers the majority of the events that we can participate in. Once the equipment is acquired, little else needed. If you buy quality reproduction, then it should last you for some time to come. Since all of your fellow cavalrymen have already acquired their equipment, they can help you get what is needed and not make the same mistakes they did. Remember, there are many sutures and they will sell you anything on their rack. You don't need most of it, some of it is made cheap and remember quality need be purchased but once.

This hobby is both a learning process for you and one for your horse. It is also a team effort. In battle, the original cavalrymen trained, drilled and fought together as team. Individuality could get a trooper killed in battle. Each one of your fellow cavalrymen not only had assigned tasks, you depended on them to do their job and they depended on you to do yours. The 3rd Texas Cavalry depends on you and you on them in very much the same way today. In drill each must know what the other is doing, on the field each much be where he should in order for the other to be where they should be. In a re-enactment, all must maneuver together as we all depend on the other to accomplish our goal. When it all comes together, there is no greater feeling than the one obtain by working as a team and accomplishing a goal. We do compete, but not with each other. We don't care if one of our troopers can out ride out shoot or out drill the other. We do wish to out ride, out drill and out shoot the other cavalry commands in our hobby. However if we don't, That's ok too as by competing we tried our best and there is always another day. We are cavalrymen.

Welcome to the Cavalry..Trooper!